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The Positive Side of No

When you say "yes" one place, you say "no" somewhere else.

Are you there places in your life where you are saying "yes" to activities, items or commitments that you aren't feeling passionate about? Are there times when you wish you would have said "no" to a volunteer position or a new pair of boots you couldn't really afford?

Join me for a free online class on Thursday, April 19th to see how determining your "no" can help you start saying "yes" to the things you are passionate about.

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Teach Your Kids Organizing

Do You Want Your Kids to Grow Up More Organized than You?

Starting April 26th, I will host a Facebook Live class called Teach Your Kids Organizing. The three-part class will cover topics like establishing your value system for things and time, learning to prioritize, and creating parent-life balance. The great thing about the online class is it allows families to watch a learn on their schedule. You can join the live chat to ask your questions and get answers immediately or watch at your leisure and message me questions once you get a chance to watch.