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About Christy

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Who I Am & How I Got Here

I'm Christy Lingo...Mom of 2 boys & Professional Organizer serving Columbus, Ohio.  I am the oldest of five children with an organizing guru for a mom. Upon leaving home, I spent 14 years honing my organizing skills by moving more than 15 times and living in an average of 700 sq. foot, most times with minimal closet space and limited storage. In 2009 I began my business to share my organizing skills & work with families to develop maintainable systems of organization and to reclaim space in their homes.

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My Organizing Philosophy

My philosophy is simple:  let's find a home for it and make sure it finds its way home.  To me, being organized is less about pretty boxes with perfect labels (although I am a sucker for my label maker) and more about learning to determine what is really important to you, to put things away when you're finished and to act immediately rather than letting clutter collect.  But trust me, we can definitely work the pretty boxes with labels in somewhere.

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How I Can Help Your Family

I am constantly developing new ways to help families get and stay organized...whether through hands-on organizing sessions, online coaching groups or organizing classes, I look for ways to meeet the needs of your home & family. No matter what your goals, budget or time frame, we can find a plan to get your & your family on a path to a more simplified, organized life.

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Check out my weekly videos to help organize and simplify your family on my Simple Solutions Organizing YouTube channel. Each week I aim to give you ideas to make your family life easier and your home more organized. 

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Click the picture to join me for weekly tips to organize and simplify your home

Click the picture to join me for weekly tips to organize and simplify your home

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